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10 reasons why Seth Meyers is irresistible

Alyssa Jaffer | February 23, 2012 | Lifestyle Story City Life Reviews Culture

He's in with the president—or so he thinks.
Seth shared his awkward encounters (yes, there were multiple) with President Obama—like his first run-in in 2007, when he suggested that Obama couldn’t pull off (physically or metaphorically) a Halloween mask, or his three-hand collision that was meant to be a handshake at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

He’s a national celebrity—or so he thinks.
Seth describes the first time he thought he was recognized on the street: A man at the crosswalk turned toward him and shouted, “Oh my God!” Seth looked up, prepared to make this guy’s life. Turns out a woman had just been hit by a car…but still, the driver could have recognized him.

He understands Republicans.
In a hilarious reenactment of the GOP debate, Seth says that the whole time Mitt Romney must’ve been thinking, “I think if I just keep my mouth shut, I can be the least crazy out of all these motherf***ers.”

He speaks limited French.
Should he be murdered in France, his last words would be a list of vegetables, plus the current time—give or take half an hour—in the native language.

He shares punch lines too dark for the Weekend Update.
“A German man missing both his arms stole a TV set from an electronics store. Police said he was easy to catch because he was unarmed.”

He’s a smart-ass.
Per his suggestion, the next time you fly into San Francisco, as soon as the plane touches down shout, “Welcome to San Francisco!” That way, when the flight attendant comes on the intercom to say, “We’d like to be the first to welcome you to San Francisco,” everyone on the plane knows you got there first.

He loves women.
Seth recently moved in with his girlfriend, and
loves it—despite her peculiar towel system in the bathroom (“How am I supposed to get a face towel to my face without using my hands?”).

His undying charm.
Even as he retells a story of the perfect first date (great conversation, intimate connection, no weird revelations) that ends with him farting for 45 minutes after she departed, he still has us swooning.

He’s OK with stealing food—but only in Vegas.
While explaining his behavioral tendencies in Sin City, Seth rated his inebriation by his room service order: a few drinks and he just orders too many chicken fingers; a few more and he knowingly steals his hall mate’s platter; a few too many and he’ll gladly devour the platter in front of said hall mate.

He can take a punch—but only in Vegas.
In a Vegas bar, Seth accidentally brushed an aggressive muscleman. When the dude told him he needed to be respectful, Seth replied, “The three people I respect most in this world are my dad, for making me the man I am today, Nelson Mandela for ending apartheid in South Africa, and you.” Seth was on the ground within five seconds.


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