21 San Francisco Reasons to Be Happy on the Saddest Day of the Year

Scott Lucas | April 15, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

April is the cruelest month—and April 15th is the cruelest day. But don't let Tax Day get you down. We polled our staff for the very best local (and not so local) reasons that they are wearing smiles right now. Here's what they had to say.

These exquisite photos of Oakland school kids by the Chronicle's Lacy Atkins, who was just named a Pulitzer finalist for her work.—Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief

This needs no words. —Sara Deseran, Editor-at-Large

The back patio at Heart and Dagger and the many beautiful dogs that populate it. —Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor

Buying goose eggs at the Ferry Building Farmers Market. —Scott Lucas, Web Editor

Josey Baker's delightfully weird naked-baker promos on Instagram touting his new eponymous cookbook. (Subtitle: Get Baking. Make Great Bread. Be Happy.) —Lauren Murrow, Style Director

This is soothing. —Jenna Scatena, Associate Editor

Elizabeth Olson's Instagram. —Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor

The return of Nicholas Cage as an actually good actor. —Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief

Oddball Films. Located in a rambling loft space in the Mission, it's a weekly film series that showcases obscure, baffling, smutty, darkly hilarious and unintentionally sublime selections from the archive's collection of more than 50,000 titles. I've seen everything from educational films about syphilis and mental hygiene to shorts about deaf-school date rape and little girls with a fur coat fetish. It is one of the city's greatest treasures, bar none. —Rebecca Flint Marx, Senior Editor

Randomly coming across these stenciled Koi fish on sidewalk and walls. —Scott Lucas, Web Editor

Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio is back. —Lauren Murrow, Style Director

John Jaso. —Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor

Mike Judge's Silicon Valley is actually really good. —Scott Lucas, Web Editor

The funny new book by two funny San Franciscans, Chris Colin and Rob Baedeker, about avoiding awkward conversations. —Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief

The dog beach at Fort Funston. —Lauren Murrow, Style Director

The penguins at the Cal Academy of Sciences. In my next life I want to be a museum penguin. Not a penguin in the wild—they have to worry about being eaten by seals. But museum penguins have got it made. —Adam Brinklow, Editorial Fellow

The guy who walks around Lake Merritt playing the sax on Sunday afternoons. —Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor

This video is pure joy. See Pharrell break down in tears while watching people around the world dance to his song, "Happy." Ignore Oprah's cloying tear-bait about his dead grandma (really, Oprah?). Pharrell is the man. One of those rare cool kids who feels truly genuine. —Ian Eck, Editorial Intern

The Bay Area's very own NSFW homage to classic 1970's Playboy, Belle SF. —Scott Lucas, Web Editor

KMEL, and Ron Harvilla's recent appreciation thereof. —Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor

This story about prostitutes turning AirBnb apartments into makeshift brothels, which just seems like karmic justice for all parties involved. —Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief

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