San Francisco Artist Diane Villadsen on her Colorful Inspirations and the Latest Timepieces from Rado

Modern Luxury | November 22, 2019 | People Feature Features

San Francisco fashion and conceptual photographer DIANE VILLADSEN focuses her work predominantly on color, specifi cally candy colors and sunshine. In addition to color, her images emphasize space and empowered femininity. For Diane, to create a photo that stands out and is a work of art, it must be different from anything you’ve already seen.


EYE CANDY “San Francisco embodies the color palette I love most. This city is home to so many candy-colored houses and colorful buildings in pinks, blues, reds and oranges. The color of the Golden Gate is the perfect backdrop—and it’s the same color as the Rado Powerful Orange watch.”


PRIMARY COLORS I chose the Rado watch colors of Sunshine yellow, Powerful Orange and Spectacular Ultramarine because currently I’m on a primary color kick. I love how bold these colors are, and they balance each other so well. And of course, these colors just look amazing on the ceramic, monochromatic Rado watches.”


Photography by: DIana Villadsen