Get in My Belly! The Top Things to Eat This Week (exist) - 50

Rebecca Flint Marx and Scott Lucas | December 15, 2014 | Story Restaurants

Ever eaten a marsh bubble? Neither had I until I had the good fortune of attending Day 4 of Meadowood's annual 12 Nights of Christmas series. The guest chef that night was Alexandre Gauthier, a chef hailing from La Grenuouilliere, a restaurant in La Madelaine sous Montreuil, France. Dinner was, as expected, a spectacular display of impeccable technique and place settings, almost more of a conceptual art piece than a meal, its slightly otherworldly nature amplified by the copious amounts of wine we were served. What remains most firmly lodged in my mind was the penultimate course, the aforementioned Marsh Bubble. What is a Marsh Bubble? At Meadowood, it's a transparent orb spun from sugar that houses a scoop of mint sorbet, a fat dollop of pannacotta, and several varieties of fresh mint. In appearance it was part snow globe, part terrarium, and part Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 1978 version). In flavor it was possibly the most refreshing thing I've eaten all year, bright, vibrant, and clean. Meadowood may call it a Marsh Bubble, but I call it utterly delightful. —RFM

Judged by its trout alone, Penrose should consider closing its doors and reopening them as a seafood restaurant, because, well, holy crap. It smoked trout for two was the best thing I ate all weekend, the perfect alchemy between its crispy, crunchy skin and meltingly tender flesh highlighted by its green coat of chermoula (an herby North African marinade) and the charred bok choi that accompanied it. Anointed with a spicy aji amarillo, it swam straight into my dreams, where it's remained ever since. —RFM

A riddle: What's better than row after row on retro video games like Street Fighter II, Bubble Bobble, Pacman, and San Francisco Rush? Trick question. Nothing. Nothing is better Which is why my inner 10-year old was so delighted to check out Brewcade, the Castro's new bar slash video game arcade on Market and 15th. Sure, there's a well-stocked menu of $4 to $9 beers like Racer 5 and Anchor Steam—not to mention sodas from The Fizzary and food you can bring over from next door Hecho. (I ate several quesadillas. Like more than a healthy amount.) All that is just an extra bonus, like that level where you beat up the car in Street Fighter, because video games.The point is: I'm never doing laundry again, because all my quarters are going towards notching the high score playing Blanka on Street Fighter. —SL

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