Gome Gomez Transformed into a Powerhouse Leader

Alexandra Morris | February 7, 2020 | People


At just 30-year-old, Gome Gomez has already lived a lifetime, but he is nowhere close to being finished. He progressed from an unruly, stubborn kid who faced expulsion in high school to earn a degree from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School to now leading a diverse team for Grupo Tracsa, comprised of over 1,000 professionals.

Gomez wanted to obtain power and success but executed in an unproductive manner. Gomez disregarded authority and involved himself with the wrong crowd. No one knew the depth behind his rebellious ways, even faculty school members were less than sympathetic and believed he was just another misbehaved child. Discouragingly advised he would never amount to anything.

Gomez progressed from his bad habits and left the shadow of his former self far behind. He would prove many people wrong. While attending UPenn, Gomez discovered his interest in mentorship...an expected outcome given his domineering traits from childhood.

A founding member of Kairos Society and president of the organization’s UPenn chapter, Gomez aided in making Kairos one of the leading entrepreneur incubators in the world. The global community focused on helping apprentices by connecting them to capital, mentors, potential business partners, and putting them in the spotlight. Today, Kairos-supported companies have garnered aggregate valuations north of 10 billion dollars and include names such as Casper, Periscope, Fiscal Note, Freenome, Brex, Clear Motion, and Oyo Rooms.

Gomez not only seized opportunities, but he created them. He studied Mandarin for six years and went on to live with a Chinese family in Beijing for a semester. Later, Gomez decided to move to China for a year in a pursuit to master the language. There, eventually reaching fluency in Mandarin, he expanded the reach of another future leaders’ organization by acting as Head Ambassador for Latin America for the Global China Connection. Today, this operation has chapters at more than 60 of the world’s best universities and helps students from all nationalities engage with China’s global emergence.

The resilient and hard-working college student, worked with two private equity firms, Bain Capital in Hong Kong and Nexxus Capital in Mexico City; participating in deals worth collectively more than $1 billion. He then formed a technology department within his family business that developed IoT telematic monitoring solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, as well as B2B e-commerce interfaces, intending to make machines intelligent and the relationship of companies with their equipment a seamless one.

Gomez’s journey advanced, as he went on to become the youngest board member of Distrito La Perla, the most extensive urban real estate development in Latin America and one with the potential to transform the city of Guadalajara.

Gomez’s extensive resume continues to grow as he now advises several miscellaneous startups that have achieved significant success including, Jopwell, Titan, Torch, Northern Swan, and Cresco.

This young businessman has a wide array of experience and connections that have contributed to Gomez’s goal of creating organizations that feel like a warm family environment for co-workers,…but make competitors wish they had stayed home.

Gomez continues to build his powerhouse and is actively exploring and integrating innovation to stay at the forefront of his respective industries. The world is always evolving, but Gomez knows change all too well.

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