Ignite International Brands Establishes Itself in Silicon Valley

Thomas Herd | February 4, 2020 | People Lifestyle Reviews

Ignite International Brands, Ltd. has garnered an outburst of positive press including features from top authorities such as Entrepreneur, Maxim, and Gather X, highlighting the business strategies at work behind the growth of Dan Bilzerian's celebrity brand and its nearly $100M in funding since its inception.


Just last week alone, both Haute Living and The Influential broke stories on Ignite's new products in CBD and PH Water which are currently receiving a positive market response.

The expansion of Ignite's product offering demonstrates a prudent consideration by Ignite International to pursue diversification and development of new revenue streams.

Ignite International is primed to enter and be a disruptive force in new arenas such as CBD, PH balanced waters, hygiene, and even merchandising apparel having established its presence in the cannabis space.


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