Mandatory Weekend (exist) - 19

Sean Pyles | December 19, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Christmas at City Hall

What: Green and red lights, all over City Hall.
Where: City Hall.
When: Every night from now until January 2nd.
Cost: Free!
Why: It's Christmas time, y'all.

Sing Up the Sun

What: An opportunity to sing, play some hand drums, maybe even a flute, and welcome on the Winter Solstice with like-minded pagans.
Where: At Taraval and Great Highway (natch)
When: Friday night into Saturday morning.
Cost: As much life spirit as you're willing to offer.
Why: Because it's only the shortest day of the year once a year.

You Are Hear: SFO Jazz and Classical Music

What: Classical and jazz music playing in the terminals of SFO.
Where: Various terminals.
When: All weekend.
Cost: Nothing more than the cost of an airplane ticket out of SFO.
Why: Because you're going to be there anyway.

DIY Ugly Sweater Party!

What: The chance you have been waiting for to degrade (or upgrade) that perfect sweater into a collage of glitter, candy canes and garland.
Where: Mountain View Public Library Community Room.
When: Saturday, December 21st from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.
Cost: Free, but please RSVP.
Why: You know why.

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