What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working (exist) - 292

Scott Lucas | July 30, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

People Say Tech Is Invading SF. They Said the Same About My Immigrant Grandfather: A smart take by a native San Franciscan on the city's nativisms—past and present. [WaPo]

Fugitive Ex-Cheerleader Arrested in SF: It's no high-tech heroin hooker, but it's close. [Examiner]

Tenants Rally Against Vacation Rentals: We sort of wish sometimes that protests were more creative. [SFGate]

Man Leaps Onto Dias at Oakland City Council: Um, you know what, never mind. Protests shouldn't be creative. [SFGate]

Westboro Church Protests Silicon Valley: Definitely not. [Valleywag]

Study Says Castro Getting Straighter: We're here. We're queer. You're also here. [SFist]

Craftsman & Wolves Expanding to LA: Where are the new wolves going to come from? [Eater SF]

Privacy Only for the Rich?: Helpful tip. Almost anytime you ask the question, "Is X easier for the rich?" the answer is yes. [Pando]

Indiegogo Campaign for Castro Organ: We're just going to pass over the phrase "Castro organ" in silence. [Castro Biscuit]

Prop. B Already Chills Waterfront Development: Given that was its intent, it comes as little surprise. [SF Business Times]

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