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What We're Obsessed With Right Now (exist) - 19

Compiled by Scott Lucas | December 11, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Carolyn Alburger, Associate Editor: The new Local Mission Market just baked up its first batch of chocolate cherry oat bread. Look for the dark, deep walnut colored loaf in their lineup. It's not so chocolatey that it feels wrong toasted up with some almond butter for breakfast. But I'm already imagining it grilled and slathered in camembert for an afternoon snack.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: HOLY SHIT the blood sausage sandwich at 15 Romolo: crusty, perfect bread; salty morcilla; caramelized onions; exactly the right amount of goat chees; some confit tomatoes; SO GOOD FOR $10. I honestly didn't even know 15 Romolo had food—and LET'S BE REAL, it's almost gratuitous that it does, given how good the drinks are—but consider me obsessed now.

Katherine Guzman, Editorial Intern: The BUTTER-FRIED pancakes on Stones Throw's brunch menu. Yes, I said BUTTER FRIED. I'll continue to describe them because, why not, but honestly, those two words alone sold me. Just imagine the best diner pancake you've had—you know that really lovely tangy-buttermilky, cake flavor—and then imagine those pancakes to be like 3/4-inch thick fluffy clouds. Then pour maple syrup on them. Then imagine a mimosa with them. And duck confit hash. Oh yes, oh yes.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: I'm obsessed with what these wanted posters for Ed Lee, Gavin Newsom, and Willie Brown say about the impending class war in San Francisco. Given Lee's high poll numbers, I think we're headed for a pretty nasty period of polarization at least through the next election.

George McIntire, Editorial Intern: I gave myself my Christmas present early this year: these Supra Skytops. My favorite song of the moment is "Telegraph Ave" (shout out to the East Bay) by Childish Gambino (real name: Donald Glover). So my obsession is the combination of the two. Last night I danced-walked like 10 blocks in these shoes to this song. It was glorious and I don't care if people saw. I'm probably gonna make like some indie-art house short of just the shoes with this song in the background.

Sean Pyles, Editorial Intern: America's most popular weather site was probably visited by thousands of San Franciscans during this recent cold spell, which I find disturbing. While the National Weather Channel's website does have credible, accurate information about the day's temperature, other articles on the website have me wondering if this is, in fact, the same outlet we trust when determining how many scarves to wear in the morning. Links to pages with titles like, "Frozen in Ice: Was He Murdered," "I Tried to Show That a Woman Could Do This ... and Failed," and "What's Causing Planet's Mysterious Dark Streaks" leave me overwhelmingly irate. All I want it some news. Give me a temperature and tell me whether or not it will rain today. Bam. That's all I need. Then again, maybe I could learn something from these articles. I wouldn't know, because I have never clicked on these stories, since, as one says, "BEWARE: You Could Get a Virus from Doing THIS." For now, I'll stick to our local reporting.

Lauren Smiley, Contributing Writer: The white-coated barmen at Tadich Grill. Finding myself in the FiDi late on Monday night, I decided it was high time to head into the oldest restaurant in the city. I sidled up to the wooden bar, ordered the rosy-colored Scofflaw cocktail, served by one of several dignified, sexagenarian bartenders in their trademark white coats. In a city of 33-year-old drinkslingers with arm tats to match their attitudes, it's a treat to get some utterly democratic, old-school service.

Stevanie Wanza-Blank, Editorial Intern: Last night I went ice skating at Embarcadero for the first time in years, along with many other adults who were struggling and falling all over the place. It was fun, albeit difficult. But what made it even better, was that Silent Frisco was there providing head phones and funky disco tunes. Everyone cheered when the Zamboni came out, sipped hot cocoa and tried to dance while skating only to fall on their butts. Definitely felt like the holidays.

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