What We're Obsessed With Right Now (exist) - 36

Scott Lucas | April 30, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: I can't stop thinking about the Lake Merritt stingray.

Sara Deseran, Editor-at-Large: I wish San Francisco had more in the way of women's boutiques a la New York, but I'll take what I can get. Mira Mira in the Mission has all sorts of great summery things right now (I like their Raen sunglasses) and if you get on their email list you get the heads up on 20 percent off secret sales complete with peach bellinis—a very smart marketing move. Drunk shopping is dangerous.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: Yesterday, I stumbled across this article from last fall in Aeon magazine that, bear with me here, explains a great deal about San Francisco's current political climate. The basic idea is that our politics now is less about the traditional right and left, but between up—technocratic and expansionary—and down—communitarian and limits-based. That divide fits the Google Bus stuff really well—and explains why the tech industry is scrambling our default political assumptions.

Adam Brinklow, Editorial Fellow:
"Fridays at Enrico's," the final book from Bay Area writer Don Carpenter. He died in the middle of writing it, so novelist Jonathan Lethem finished it for him. It's based on the life of Richard Brautigan, another 60s-era San Francisco writer. So it took three Bay Area writers to put this book out, and two of them are dead. Lethem should probably be getting a little nervous.

Sofia Perez, Editorial Intern: Our sunshine streak has lead me to my newest obsession: Quetzal Cafe on Polk. This sweet cafe has an expansive parklet with many tables in the sun and an unbeatable happy hour. $2.95 for all beers on tap from 3:00 until closing every day. Nothing beats a beer in the sun, surrounded by the quirks and characters of Polk street.

Kate van Brocklin, Editorial Intern: The guacamole at Don Pisto's in North Beach!!! Try a serving of this heavenly guac and you will forget about the Baja-style fish tacos you already ordered.

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