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Compiled by Scott Lucas | May 14, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: If I'm being honest with myself, the only thing I've thought of in the last 36 hours is Bey and Jay and Solo. But I can only assume everyone else is also rending their garments/trawling Insta for clues/making emergency therapy appointments/etc. So: I went on an SF City Guides tour this weekend and it was cool! The tours are volunteer-led, completely FREE, and marginally-less-touristic than similar activities.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: If there's a better way to watch a Giants game than to walk down to the stadium along the Embarcadero, stand in the free section behind right field for a few innings, and then finish the game with a plastic cup full of Sierra Nevada at Momo's, please don't tell me about it. It's almost enough to make me forget that I'm really an Oakland A's fan.

Rebecca Marx, Senior Editor: It's a tie between avoiding the Bay to Breakers drunks and learning that Echo & the Bunnymen are coming to the Regency Ballroom in August, which I learned from the friendly guy behind the counter at the Ferry Building location of the Prather Ranch Meat Co., where I was buying hot dogs. Ian McCulloch 4-ever.

Adam Brinklow, Editorial Fellow: If you love local art and cephalopods as much as I do (and really, what's not to love?) then grace Oakland's Sidequest Gallery with your presence for this Saturday's show. By way of disclosure, owner and artist Casey Fay is a friend of mine, but the appeal of his disquietingly-adorable oceanic cartoons (this guy loves octopuses) speaks for itself.

Sofia Perez, Editorial Intern: The Corner Store's White Russian is heaven on a day like today. If I'm going to drink a milkshake it's going to be mixed with vodka and coffee, with espresso beans on top for good measure. I also like slurping it down from the dainty glass it's served in, because then I don't feel even a hint of guilt about getting two.

Carly Salzberg, Editorial Intern: Sweetwater Music Hall is worth the trip across the bridge to Mill Valley. The venue is as hip as the Baby Boomers who show up week after week. The 107-year-old Masonic Lodge No. 356 underwent renovations back in 2011 and now it looks like a dimly-lit home with a bar and French bistro. Of course, the music is just the icing on the cake.

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