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Compiled by Scott Lucas | October 2, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Carolyn Alburger, Associate Editor: You've never had goat like the pulled smoked goat at Southpaw Barbecue in the Mission. The meat is marinated in yogurt to make it super tender, then it's served in a pile on top of bright salsa verde with sweet-tangy pineapple relish and triangles of soft, yet crispy-chewy Indian fry bread. You put a little pile of goat on a piece of bread with all the condiments and the flavors just sing.

Ellen Cushing, Senor Editor: I'm probably biased because Oakland rapper Ju$tin Loan$ is a friend of mine, but holy eff his new track, "I Hate You," hits in all the right places: Airtight flow; inventive lyrics (Loans manages to name-check Macklemore, Lil B, and Tweedledee in the space of about half a verse); ingenious, aqueous, minimalist production from Jay Casio. Listen here.

Sara Deseran, Editor-at-Large: Every other morning on my way to work, I pull over and park illegally on Broadway for just enough time to buy two dumplings wrapped in glutinous rice paper and filled with shrimp, ground pork, and greens at You's Dim Sum (675 Broadway) in Chinatown, a spot that specializes in a patronage of Chinese men over the age of 80. They serve it to me in a bag and they're gone before I pull into the parking lot.

Katherine Guzman, Editorial Intern: Good Eggs grocery delivery—just got my first grocery order last night and I received some of the most delicious, freshest ingredients. Bread that I'm pretty sure was baked hours before, a big package of greens that were greener than I'd ever seen, and a pork pack (a pack of different cuts of pork to last me through the week)! I'm already perusing the website for my next order!

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: Am I allowed to put Bleeding Edge down even though I used it last week? I'm not? Fine. This week, I'm legitimately stoked to be seeing the play Bengal Tiger in Baghdad Zoo on Saturday. Come to think of it, the play is kind of like if Pynchon re-wrote The Hurt Locker.

Caleb Pershan, Editorial Fellow: I'm obsessed with the obsession with Drake, and here's a great piece about his bizarre influence, music, and life.

Stevie Wanza-Blank, Editorial Intern: The teenage TV drama Pretty Little Liars. I know what you're thinking and I used to think that to, but OMG just tell me who A is already!

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