All the Things We Saw and Heard at Outside Lands

Sofia Perez, Andrea Powell, and Kate Van Brocklin | August 11, 2014 | Story Music

Outside Lands is a massive festival. So massive, in fact, that we sent three writers to cover it. Check out the slideshow above for what they saw. Below, a sample of what they found.

On Stage
Kanye had on a mask! Macklemore made a yo moma joke. And more from the stages.
Sofia Perez

On Friday afternoon, Run the Jewels rapped about 36-inch gold chains and (correctly) called out the crowd for being: “high as shit": "But we are too, nothing like the Bay.” They also brought out Bay Area-born and -raised DJ QBert, who annihilated the turntables with rapid scratching and mixing.

Later that night Kanye took over. He wore a mask. He stopped mid-song (three times) to admit that it feels like some people don’t like him. “But it’s Yeezy season!”

On Saturday, Haim's show made the trio officially the the most head-banging, moaning, yelling, and jam-seshing three-sis band to ever grace the Land's End Stage.

Later that night, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put on an amazingly high-energy, costume-driven show at the Twin Peaks stage, which included lots of gold and dancers and an excellent, location-appropriate walkoff snap: “Now I gotta go meet your mama in the Tenderloin.”

Inside the VIP Section
Ever wondered what goes on beyond the gates of the VIP area in those oh-so-cool looking white tents?
Kate van Brocklin

In the media tent, free beer, coconut water, plush white sofas, and lofty views await, as well as lots of lots of important-looking editors vigorously live-tweeting and charging their various mobile devices all at once. Nestled beneath the shade of kite-like covering, the food carts serve everything from bacon-wrapped hot dogs to fried-to-order beignets. Picnic tables and a curiously serene crowd complete the scene (perhaps because you don't have to wait twenty minutes to get some nachos here). You can order a custom flower crown or stop by the Tito's craft vodka Airstream trailer. Better yet: Goodbye port-a-potties, hello luxury bathrooms. The VIP area has several motorized RVs that serve as swanky trailers-turned-restrooms. Think shorter lines and real toilets that actually flush. Finally, the breezy VIP cabanas will make you feel like you're at a Cabo resort instead of in the middle of Golden Gate Park. With onsite massage therapy, beverage service, and stellar views of the main stage, nothing is out of the question here.

Crashing the Gate
How to sneak in, as told by those who did (and one who just watched from outside)
Andrea Powell

"I went through two security guards and then crawled under three fences. I started two hours ago. This is my seventh year here. I always sneak in every year. Kim Kardashian is here! Fuck Kanye. Right now, I don't feel like I'm going to get stopped. This is the first year I've made it this far." —Marce Celino, San Francisco

"I was up on this side of town early walking through the park. I think for now I'm going to stay [outside the fence]. I was thinking of sneaking in. If I was to sneak in, I would go from the north side. I talked to the lady at the police booth, she told me where all the gates are."—Brandon Payne, San Francisco

"On Saturday, we were able to get under the fence to see Mackelmore. We're going to see what we can do today. We came last year and didn't pay; there was a group that stormed the fence. We were eating Panda Express. We were eating it on Saturday too, when we got in. That's our good luck charm."—Randy and "Gonzo" Gonzales

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