What Does $7k Perfume Smell Like? Amaffi Brings Luxury Fragrances to NYC

Michael Tommasiello | April 23, 2021 | Style & Beauty

amaffi Power open orb

Amaffi's Power scent for men will cost you $7,100.

Scent is a curious thing. It triggers memories long thought gone, transporting you to another place and time. It’s no surprise people take great care to match their personality and style to a particular fragrance. Ultimately, it speaks volumes about who we are and how we want others to think about us.

Not every scent is created equal, and with a set of fragrances that’ll cost you $7,000, the team at Amaffi is betting that the luxury class understands the difference.

The decadent perfumery was founded in Switzerland six years ago and boasts locations in London and Moscow. Last week, Amaffi moved into New York, joining the neighborhood on Billionaire’s Row. Flanked by Fendi, Jacob and Co, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, we visited the new store to see just what makes a fragrance worthy of a $7,000 price tag.

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At the heart of Amaffi is a simple vision - to restore the classic art of perfumery through original techniques. The company uses almost all natural ingredients, including some of the rarest on Earth. Each component is sustainably-sourced from around the world and brought to France and Germany where the scents are produced.

While most perfumes require reapplication throughout the day, an Amaffi spritz will last you quite literally weeks. The scents come as close to the source as possible. When you’re smelling sandalwood or roses, you are in fact smelling thousands of pounds of those rich, raw materials—not their synthetic lab-made counterparts.

Amaffi believes it's not just the quality of product that brings luxury clientele. Presentation is equally important. Each fragrance is housed in an intricate vessel that reflects its unique character and mood. Conceptualized by Amaffi's design bureau, some of the bottles include thousands of Swarovski crystals.

amaffi Power box

Not every bottle comes with the $7,000 price tag. While Power will cost you $7,100 for a manly mix of rose, labdanum and patchouli for men, Indulgence will cost you $3,000; packing a bright mix of flowers for “sophisticated women.” For $2,800, you can buy yourself some Secrecy, smelling of citrus fruit, herbs and trail notes of oak moss. The same will bring on Deja Vu, hinting of clove, geranium and cinnamon.

The most expensive of all? That would be Richness and Glory. The feminine scents smell of woody notes and rare oils from India and Indonesia, or white and yellow flowers with wood notes, respectively. Both cost $7,700, and both come packaged in sumptuous, Holy Grail-esque holders, opening at a golden seam to reveal a precious fleur de lis-embossed receptacle.

Is the price tag worth it? You’ll have to come into the store and smell for yourself. To learn more about these luxury scents, visit Amaffi online and in flagship stores.

Photography by: Courtesy Amaffi