Amazon Disrupts Online Shopping With Offline Store

Scott Lucas | October 15, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

We all love internet shopping. Who hasn't a few too many Cosmos and ordered the entire DVD set of the Golden Girls? It's amazing. But—and this is kind of crazy—what if you told you Amazon was working on way you could shop online—but also leave your house at the same time?

(Sound of record scratching.)

It's true: The traditional e-commerce you know and love, but in a physical location. The future is now! The online giant is planning a holiday season pop up at the Westfield Mall on Market Street. How disruptive! According to a statement from the company, you'll be able to "try out our new devices" including the "Fire TV, Fire phone, new Fire tablets, new Kindle e-readers and a bunch of new features and services." The pop up store, which is scheduled to open on October 22nd, comes in addition to a location in Sacramento and rumors of a Manhattan outpost.

Just try to imagine it: Everything you already love about shopping online, except you have to put on a pair of pants. And take a shower. And there will be orders of magnitude fewer products available. And it takes time to get there. And there's pushy salespeople. And unplanned human contact. Oh god—you might get the enterovirus. Better to stay home and shop on eBay.

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