America's Cup for Idiots: Where To Watch

Ben Christopher | July 3, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Thanks to the magic of DVR, any local Cup fan could conceivably catch the races live and later that night on the boob tube. But let’s be honest, most of us aren’t that dedicated. If you’re torn, here’s how to choose between the shoreline and your living room.

Live (At Piers 27–29 or the Marina Green.): The racecourse bleacher spots run $60, but the Marina green has $15 cheap seats.

At Home (NBC Sports): Your couch is admission-free.
Advantage: Home. Even better if you find some lost change between the cushions.

Post-Race Entertainment
Live: live shows by Weezer (7/25), Train (8/11) and Jason Mraz (9/1), among others.

At Home: Game of thrones on DVR.

Advantage: Live. “Drops of Jupiter” will never traumatize you like the Red Wedding.

Interior Monologue
Live: “I have no idea what’s going on, but everyone around me sure seems excited!”

At Home: “I have no idea what’s going on, but at least the live-line graphics show where they’re supposed to be sailing!”

Advantage: Live If you still don’t get it, ask one of the 10,000 sailing fans you’re standing next to.

Educational Opportunities
Live: “check out all these kiosks and their interactive displays to help me learn about the sport.”

At Home: “check out the tan on nbc sports commentator todd harris!”

Advantage: Home. Harris is not only very handsome, but also very good at breaking down the sport like we’re five-year-olds.

Live: “If i drink too much and pass out on the Marina Green, who is going to notice?”

At Home: “If i drink too much and pass out with no pants on, who is going to notice?”

Advantage: Home. When you come to on your couch, you won’t be hypothermic.

View of Likely Carnage

Live: “Wow, i can’t believe i saw a $10 million boat capsize in person!

At Home: “Wow, i can’t believe i saw a $10 million boat capsize in slo-mo hd.”

Advantage: Live. If and when a boat flips, there’s always Youtube.

Overall: Live It’s summer in San Francisco! throw on a hoodie and go outside already!

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