The 6 Best Coffee Shops In San Francisco

Layal Srour | April 28, 2021 | Food & Drink Feature

Whether you're looking for a local roaster or a specially curated blend; searching for espresso, lattes or even coffee cocktails, here are the six best coffee shops in San Francisco.

best coffee shops San Fran

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Eileen Rinaldi, founder of Ritual Coffee, changed the way coffee lovers enjoy their java when she opened her first shop in 2005. She provides customers with the best by sourcing the coffee from small-farm producers. Offering new and unique espresso and decaf flavors, customers of Ritual can purchase the "ACE La Bandera" from Costa Rica, which includes notes of pineapple, caramel and toasted almonds. Another must-try is "Producer's Pride" from Costa Rica with a sweet taste of peach, cacao and baklava pastry. Multiple locations

Saint Frank Coffee

See the bustling streets of San Francisco from the window seats of Saint Frank Coffee shop. Kevin Bohlin opened the shop in 2013 with the idea that simplicity and connection brings people together over a hot cup of a coffee in the morning. The flavors at Saint Frank features notes of fruit, chocolate and nuts. One of their dark roast coffees, Frair Minor, is mixed with dark chocolate, orange peel and mixed berries. They also offer a four-ounce sampler pack for those who want to taste test a few. Multiple locations


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Sightglass gives you Hallmark movie vibes with the cozy feel of the shop, dim lights and doors open to welcome inside the liveliness of the city. The sibling-owned shop opened in 2009 with the goal to serve the highest quality coffee to their customers. Their company name derives form the term 'sightglass' to be fully transparent with their customers about the coffee they serve and where it comes from. Enjoy a pistachio croissant filled with blackberry jam and topped with pistachio cream and powdered sugar with a double shot cappuccino. Multiple locations

Wrecking Ball Roasters

This shop has a bright, warm feel to it with a neutral aesthetic and a pineapple and floral wallpaper. Wrecking Ball Roasters opened in 2011 by founders Trish Rothgeb, director of coffee and roastmaster, and Nick Cho, head barista. Here, every menu item is a hit. Locally sourced from a small farm in Ethiopa, their Banko Gotiti flavor has hints of peach and floral aromas. The decaf Colombian blend has a sweet and spicy flavor with milk chocolate, cinnamon, brown sugar and caramel. Multiple locations

Tartine Manufactory

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Basing their company on openness, balance and excellence, founders Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt opened Tartine Manufactory 20 years ago. Walking into the shop, you'll be greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread and coffee roasting. Customers can enjoy a hot cup of joe while watching the bread being made from scratch in the open-kitchen concept. Multiple locations

Andytown Coffee Roasters

Opened in 2014 by Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe, Andytown is a women-owned business known for their quality coffee and baked goods, as well as their transparency. The shop is an intimate space with few tables while most take their food and drinks to-go. The menu consists of Irish-inspried dishes including soda bread, scones, breakfast sandwiches and house-made jams. One standout is the Snowy Plover—a sweet, bubbly coffee soda made with espresso and topped with fluffy homemade whipped cream. Multiple locations

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Photography by: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash