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Curb Poll: Bikers Unchained

Ben Christopher, Kate Conger, Lindsey Noyes, and Caitlin Olson | June 26, 2012 | Lifestyle Story City Life Neighborhoods

17 miles of lanes have been added in the last year and a half; the number of riders has risen by 71 percent in the last five years; and we now have the country’s strongest law allowing bikes at work. But the streets are still pretty mean. We polled a mix of commuters, errand runners, messengers, and weekend warriors—56 in all—to get a read on this brave, often maddening new world. (not everyone answered each question, and some gave more than one response.)

1) Who wreaks the most havoc on the road?
Car Drivers: 34
Taxi Driver: 24
Bikers: 9
Muni Drivers: 7
Pedestrians: 5
"People are horrible, everyone is in a f'ing hurry!"

1a) OK, but how about among bikers?
Fixie riders: 9
Bike messengers: 8
racers/hard-corecyclists: 8
Weekend bikers: 2
Other: “Frustrated married men in spandex who yell at you for not going fast enough.”

2) Have you ever been in an accident?
YES: 32
NO: 22

2a) If yes, with whom?
Car: 22
Bike: 7
Pedestrian: 6
Pet: 1

3) What is the city’s most dangerous intersection?
Nearly everyone cited the same general “clusterf*%k”: Market Street.
But the cross streets varied wildly, from Church, Valencia, Duboce, South Van Ness, and Geary to 4th, 16th, Octavia, Castro, and Sansome.

4) Ever been ticketed?
YES: 3
NO: 49

5) Which of these have you done while riding?
Run a red light: 36
Talk on phone: 26
Eat: 22
Listen to iPod: 23
Text: 19
Go wrong way on one-way street: 19
Hitch a ride on the side of a truck: 4
Check Facebook: 2

6) Have you ever drunk-biked?
YES: 75%

7) Road Rage: Have you gotten into a screaming match with someone on the road?
YES: 26

7a) With Whom?
Driver: 21
Pedestrian: 3
Biker: 2

8) Have you ever biked high? What on?
Cocaine: 4
Adderall: 1
Trippy Shit: 1
Jesus: 1
Life: 1
Pot: 22


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