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Montague Gallery is a glass act. Founded by gallerist Dani Montague, this Sutter Street showcase for colorful, light-capturing works by a range of contemporary glass artists is a beacon in the Bay Area for homeowners and collectors alike.

A sojourn overseas drew Dani to the astonishing world of kaleidoscope-colored glass art. “My husband and I were in Venice on a whim, and we took a water taxi overto the island of Murano for a glass factory tour,” she says of her initial interest in the artform. “After the tour, we discovered one-of-a-kind contemporary glass art. We were so intrigued by the medium that we changed our plans and spent the entire day on Murano visiting artist studios and showrooms.” It was clear: “I fell in love with glass that day.”

San Francisco has reciprocated, putting Montague Gallery on the map as one of the few galleries in the entire country to specialize in contemporary glass art. Vibrant, three-dimensional works of pure radiance in an array of colors and contortions. “The properties of glass are endlessly fascinating,” says Dani. “Glass is an artform that needs to be experienced in person to really appreciate it.” To that end, Montague Gallery is “a beautiful, light-filled space that is filled with extraordinary art. Just being there is so very inspiring!”

More broadly Montague Gallery is a reflection of Dani’s desire to bring glass art to the masses. “I’m passionate about connecting my clients with exceptional art that brings joy, wonder and inspiration to their lives.”

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