Department of Corrections: McDonald's Tech Incubator Not Actually Located in Mid-Market

Scott Lucas | June 25, 2014 | Story Politics

This morning on Beyond Chron (a blog which we often cross-publish on this site), editor Randy Shaw takes us and many other media outlets to the woodshed for missing a critical piece of information in a story we ran last week about McDonald's opening a tech incubator in Mid-Market. To wit: The incubator, which really does exist, is located along Market Street, but not in the mid-Market district. As Shaw helpfully notices, the address of the incubator, 685 Market, puts the incubator at Market along Second and Third. That's too far downtown to be considered mid-Market, which runs along Market Street from Fifth to Van Ness.

We'll skip the inside baseball account of how we made the mistake (upshot: Its all Techcrunch's fault), and get to the main point: We missed it. As Shaw argues, it can be tempting to agglomerate new stories under existing rubrics, and that's what we did, meaning that we translated 685 Market into "mid-Market" without thoroughly checking the facts.

On that point, Shaw has us nailed. Where his argument veers off course a little is in his claim that we were using the incorrect location as a lever to "argue against" the city's tax breaks for some tech companies in the mid-Market area. "Lucas uses the false story to try to discredit the tax break strategy," writes Shaw. Though it's very refreshing, for a change, for us to be accused of arguing against the value of the Twitter tax break (we're generally accussed of being tax break apologists in these parts), that was not our intent.

What we were trying to do was to get as smoothly as possible to our amazing Eric Mar joke, which Shaw, for one, doesn't seem to get. No, Randy, we did not hear directly from Supervisor Mar that his head exploded. In fact, we saw Mar at the Stern Grove festival this weekend, and can assure you that his head was very much intact.

Short version: Shaw is right. The McDonald's tech incubator isn't in Mid-Market. We regret the error.

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