Details Emerge on New 8 Washington Proposal

Scott Lucas | October 3, 2014 | Story Real Estate

The 8 Washington real estate development project—which voters defeated last year as a result of concerns about its effects on the waterfront and affordability—could be back, according to new reports.

Details are scarce, but the new project is said to differ from the old both in terms of height and affordability. (Presumably this means it will be shorter and cheaper.)

According to the Barbary Coast News, at a recent meeting of the Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group, a Port staffer announced that the project's developer, Simon Snellgrove, would be presenting a new version of the building by the end of the year. Snellgrove has two years remaining in a negotiation contract that allows him to propose new developments on the site, which currently houses an athletic club.

Political opposition to the previous development attempt led to the passage of two citywide ballot measures that tightened development restrictions along the waterfront.

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