Do You Want to Buy the Zynga Co-Founder's $18m Mansion?

Scott Lucas | October 2, 2014 | Story Real Estate

On your way to Hardly Strictly this Sunday, why stop your banjo-pickin', straw-hat wearin' self over in Pac Heights to see how the other one percent lives? Here's your chance: Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus and his wife Ali, the founder of One Kings Lane, are having an open house for the sale of their $18 million Gold Coast home.

Because you know you want them, here are the diamond-encrusted, caviar-filled details, courtesy of Zillow: Seven bedrooms. Six and a half baths. 11,500 square feet. Six parking spaces. 0.28 acres. Views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. Designed by Bay Area architect Albert L. Farr and built in 1907.

For all that, the Pincuses paid $16 mil just two years ago. If they manage to sell it for their asking price, that's a pretty good flip. (It's a single-unit house, so it wouldn't be subject to the proposed anti-speculation tax that may pass in November.)

Just to sound a feeble little note of class warfare: The price per square foot of this mansion is $1,391. Which means, funny story, that the cost to buy one square foot of this house is about the same as the monthly rent for our studio apartment. We knew we shouldn't have gotten that degree in Integrated Banjo Studies.

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