Driving In Style

By: Modern Luxury Editors By: Modern Luxury Editors | October 29, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


Known for his innovative luxury menswear line Jagne, LA-based fashion designer and director Baba Jagne is a rising star dressing celebrity clientele in his hybrid African designs and cuts. Fashion was his first love in Gambia, West Africa, one he discovered from his parents who worked as a seamstress and tailor. Inspired by his deep-rooted heritage and family, the menswear designer brings to life the fashions of his culture with a modern touch. “I feel as a creative, I relentlessly pursue greatness. I am always setting new goals and reaching those milestones. Once I get there, I keep going so I never stop arriving,” says Jagne.

Driving since the young age of 12 in West Africa (where it’s legal to drive so long as you reach the gas pedal), Baba Jagne discovered the activity as an outlet to explore and experience new sights. The designer finds solace in his solo drives throughout the Los Angeles landscape. “Driving is part escape and part getting inspired for me. When I have a creative block, (driving the) coastline, sometimes all the way to Santa Barbara does it for me,” explains Jagne. From the deep valleys to the glistening coastlines of California, Jagne appreciates the revolutionary drive of an Escalade en route to his various destinations.

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade fits seamlessly into the rising designer’s on-the-go lifestyle with its versatile space which he uses to transport fabrics to and from the studio. From the sleek, modern exterior to an immersive sound system, Jagne finds the drive of the luxury SUV to be a cutting edge experience. Even the leather trim interiors available on the Escalade are perfectly suited for the designer who utilizes leather in several of his fashion constructions. First impressions are everything, and what better way to impress than in a luxury car matching your personal style.

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