Learn to make Waterbar's Dungeness Lobster Roll and EPIC Steak's Spaetzle Gratin

Pati Navalta Poblete | April 8, 2020 | Food & Drink Eat

If you’ve ever dined at Waterbar or EPIC Steak, you know that the ambience and the view are unmatched. While we can’t bring those to you, we can provide you with some of the dishes that have made both restaurants culinary destinations. Executive Chef Parke Ulrich shares a recipe from each menu with our readers. Enjoy!

Epic-Jan14Food-178.jpgEPIC Steak's Spaetzle Gratin

EPIC Steak’s Spaetzle Gratin

7 ½ cups all-purpose flour
¾ tsp. baking powder
salt & pepper
6 eggs
4 cups milk
1 qt. heavy cream
8 oz. gruyere cheese

To make the batter:

1. Sift dry ingredients together.

2. Mix wet ingredients together.

3. Fold wet into dry and mix to form gluten.

4. Let rest for one hour before making.

To cook:

5. Fill a large pot with salted water, bring to a boil.

6. Push batter through colander holes to form the pasta; drop into boiling water. Once floating, skim off the top and cool.

7. Sauté in a non-stick pan until light brown in color.

8. Add cream and cheese and season to taste.

LobsterRoll2.JPGWaterbar's lobster roll

Waterbar’s Dungeness Lobster Roll with Old Bay Chips

(Serves 4)

8 oz. diced lobster meat
4 each split-top roll or hot dog bun
2 Tbsp. butter
3 oz. butter, melted and seasoned with salt
4 oz. Old Bay potato chips
4 oz. bread-and-butter pickles

1. Gently warm the lobster meat while you toast the roll in butter.

2. Stuff the split top roll with lobster and drizzle warm seasoned butter over the top.

3. Serve with chips and pickles.

For the chips:

1. Wash Yukon potatoes and slice on slicer thinly.

2. Let soak in water overnight.

3. Drain and rinse starch from potatoes and then fry at 325F.

4. Drain the hot potatoes on paper towels and season heavily with Old Bay Seasoning.

5. Keep warm and crispy until ready to serve.

Photo_cred_Aubrie_Pick.jpgExecutive Chef Parke Ulrich

Photography by: From top: EPIC Steak; Waterbar, Aubrey Pick