Explore New Luxury Packages Available at Napa Valley's Newton Vineyard

By Pati Navalta Poblete | February 10, 2020 | Food & Drink

Clos19 expands its curated packages to Napa Valley’s Newton Vineyard.

NPK12901.jpgClos19’s curated experience at Newton Vineyard goes beyond the average wine tasting.

We’ve seen industry disrupters before—Uber, DoorDash, Rent the Runway—but rather than creating a way to speed things up, there’s a growing trend that is focused on slowing things down: experiences. The experience economy is real. In fact, 74% of all Americans value experiences over products—with millennials contributing heavily to that statistic. Perhaps it’s because experiences have been credited for increasing our happiness. According to a Cornell University study, investing in experiences yields long-term joy, as opposed to the fleeting happiness that an object can offer.

Which brings us to a gorgeous, sun-drenched day in Napa Valley, where a group of us have come together for a curated adventure as part of Clos19’s expansion to the United States.

The U.K.-based company is an arm of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy luxury brand and is known for being an online destination for Champagnes, wines and spirits. Its specialty, however, is creating experiences—something it has honed and elevated over time. Its Champagne package in France, for example, includes a private tour of Moët & Chandon, exploring the cellars and enjoying vintages in the same salon where Emperor Napoleon was hosted several times; a personalized Ruinart visit (the oldest Champagne house); exploration of Veuve Clicquot vineyards; three dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants; five-star accommodation at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa (spa treatments included); and a Clos19 ambassador to cater to your every need. Other offerings include the year- round Hennessy Cognac package ($2,600 per person) and the English Getaway: Town and Country package ($16,200 per person). Each package is meticulously curated down to the minute details so that all you’re left to do is, well, experience it.

Its latest offering is the first—and currently only—one based in the United States. Located in Napa Valley, the Newton Vineyard option showcases all that the wine country has to offer: vineyards, views, wine and luxury hospitality. This offering is available from May through October, but spaces fill up, so it’s good to plan and book ahead. Prices start from $665 per person for a daylong experience, but you can choose to include overnight accommodations and extend the package. Here is what you can expect.

Newton Vineyard tour: The sprawling 560-acre estate in St. Helena includes a vineyard that sits atop Spring Mountain along the Mayacamas mountain range, lending guests unparalleled views of the wine country and unique flavors that come from grapes grown at elevations ranging from 500 to 1,600 feet above sea level. To access the vineyard, you are taken up narrow dirt roads via rustic Land Rovers, which lend an Indiana Jones-type of feel to the beginning of this journey, a departure from the typical wine tour. In addition to learning about the terroir and tasting the unique Newton unfiltered chardonnay, the package also includes a hilltop meditation overlooking the vineyard; harvesting honey (in full beekeeper garb); a gourmet picnic catered by a nearby Michelin-starred restaurant, paired with Newton wines, of course; a tour of the barrel caves (carved out of the hillside) with the winemaker himself; and transportation within the Newton Vineyard. Among the highlights are a Japanese pagoda and an elaborate garden, seemingly inspired by the manicured gardens of Versailles.

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ACCOMMODATIONS: There’s no shortage of places to stay in Napa Valley, but there are very few luxury hotels in St. Helena. If you are interested in extending your package, Clos19 can include a stay at Las Alcobas, a farmhouse- meets-penthouse combination that will leave you feeling pampered and rested.

DINING: There’s only one The Restaurant at Meadowood—a three-Michelin-starred culinary destination that leaves you wondering if you’ve officially had the best meal of your life, ever. This choreographed tasting menu includes artful dishes, such as fresh corn custard caviar with wild pecan oil and black cod in sunflower petals. Of course, you can always opt to go to the wine country alone, but what Clos19 has managed to do is create moments that not many people may even know are possible. Why not experience the unimaginable?

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