Sara Deseran | May 10, 2012 | Food & Drink Story Eat and Drink

The food blogger's dilemma: You're starving and you have the most beautiful sandwich in front of you. Do you take the time to snap a picture before taking a bite? Or do you dare ruin a pretty picture because, well, you're famished?

In today's case, I succumbed to the latter—tangy goat cheese and the sweet and soft "confit" of whole ciopollini onions squishing out of the sides of the crusty, toasty focaccia, as I scarfed down the first half, licking my fingers and marveling at what a perfect sandwich Naked Lunch, the beloved North Beach sandwich stand, had just served me. Stuffed with tons of argula and a few almonds to boot, it made vegetarianism seem like an option. So excuse the somewhat sad excuse for a photo. Know it was in the name of good eating.

This is not to say that I've been turned. Last night, I stopped by St. Vincent to drink good wine and beer and try out the menu of dishes such as a warm, fragrant pretzel with mustard, a drop-dead gorgeous salad of greens from Little City Gardens, a great ramp soup, and some nice mains such as trout with potatoes. There was also a very non-vegetarian dish of pork belly involved. St. Vincent is loosely calling itself a tavern but it's really a restaurant serving comfort food of the Northern California order.

The new restaurant and wine/beer bar opened by famed somm David Lynch begs the question: Which comes first the food or the drink program? In this case, the drinking is the reason for the pilgramage, but the food is plenty good to keep you there. My favorite two discoveries? You can order half bottles of any wine (and I don't mean splits). And better yet, Lynch serves 8-ounce glasses of beer, which I love not being someone who loves to sip a pint as it warms in my hands, leaving me burpy and bloated. Eight ounces is so ladylike, and allows me to actually enjoy a bitter, hopped-up beer if just for a moment.


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