Exciting New Updates to Ghirardelli Square Delight Both San Franciscans and Visitors

Christina Najjar | June 17, 2019 | Feature Eat and Drink

This San Francisco must-see is being reimagined as a public space with an emphasis on food and beverage. The updates represent the new frontier for Ghirardelli Square: the legendary brand is aiming to bring Bay Area original concepts to the square to delight San Franciscans and the millions of yearly visitors alike.


Over the past 5 years, the Square has transformed into a hub of food and beverage enchantment: the current mix of food purveyors and merchants complement one another to give visitors several unique experiences in one visit. This new wave of updates relates back to the history of Ghirardelli Square when it was a dynamic public plaza in San Francisco with a huge emphasis on delicious food options.


Palette Tea House is the latest addition to the diverse group of new food and beverage offerings at the Square, offering a fresh and modern approach to traditional dim sum with several Instagrammable moments. Palette represents the next frontier for a local team that is already well loved and established in the Bay Area: they are also the team behind the amazing Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux.


The square has a rich history with international cuisine, particularly Chinese cuisine which is why the addition of Palette Tea House is even more special. Palette Tea House draws inspiration from another Ghirardelli Square and San Francisco original, Cecilia Chang’s Mandarin restaurant.

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