Good Eggs

Rebecca Flint Marx | April 8, 2014 | Story Ingredient

Consider the Sturgeon: Source of most of the world’s caviar, it has been overfished to near oblivion, making now a fraught time to be either a sturgeon or a connoisseur of its eggs. It is, however, a great time to be Vivace, which is billed as the first cruelty-free caviar available in the United States.

Recently introduced stateside by Sausalito’s California Caviar Company, it’s the brain child of a German marine biologist who developed a technique to harmlessly massage the eggs out of the fish (facial not included).

The result? A happier sturgeon—and deliriously tasty caviar boasting smooth, strong shells that burst with the storied “Caspian pop.” At $125 per ounce, the only dilemma it will present is for your wallet.

Originally published in the April Issue of San Francisco.

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