See "Gucci Aria" Celebrate 100 Years of the Iconic Italian Fashion House

Maria Gracia Santillana | April 15, 2021 | Style & Beauty

Gucci Aria video

Think sequins, feathers, leather—you know, staples of a post-COVID wardrobe.

In honor of the Italian brand's 100-year anniversary, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele put on a full celebration as epic as fits the icon.

Directed by Michele and Italian-Canadian director Floria Sigismondi, the 15-and-a-half minute "Gucci Aria" video presentation brings us through a dream, post-COVID clubbing experience. It begins with Lil Pump’s 2017 hit “Gucci Gang,” and it's all Gucci from there.

“A deep and ecstatic diving in everything we yearningly miss today,” the show notes explain. Indeed, "Gucci Aria" is meant to mean “jubilee of breath.”

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Kicking-off the festivities in an imaginary Savoy Club, Michele was inspired by the famous London hotel where Gucci founder Guccio Gucci once worked as an elevator operator.

Opening with a rendition of former Gucci Creative Director Tom Ford’s iconic red velvet suit from the 1996 Fall/Winter collection, the set of looks is filled with homages to signature Gucci pieces. In an ode to Gucci’s equestrian roots, riding boots and hats adorned most of the models in the runway.

Indeed, the show is a journey through the many stories eras of Gucci’s legacy. From suit pants to corset tops, oversized jackets and even the “hacking” of Balenciaga’s Demma Gvasalia’s padded hip jacket and Balenciaga logo, Aria was a magnificent representation of Gucci’s past, present and future.

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The Fall 2021 collection also maintained some of Gucci’s now-signature beliefs, playing with fluidity both in its designs and portrayals. Female models donned oversized pantsuits as male models walked with increasingly-smaller crop tops.

Accessories were not left behind. Colorful additions to Gucci staples were both the pop of color in monochrome outfits and classic staples. Gem-studded clutches in the shape of anatomical hearts stole the show, shown in various color iterations.

As the roaring '20s brought on a wave of sexual liberation, Michele ensures Gucci is part of its 2021 counterpart. Leather straps, whips and fishnets added an element of BDSM.

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Aria was more than a celebration of Gucci’s fashion influence. Set to the beat of multiple Gucci-referencing songs, including "Green Gucci Suit” by Rick Ross feat. Future, “Gucci On My Bag” by Mier, and “Gucci Coochie” by Die Antwoord and Dita Von Teese, Aria was also a celebration of Gucci’s influence in pop culture.

“Young people look at the brand as a platform, a place," Michele is quoted in Vogue. "They visualize Gucci a million different ways, a million different times."

The short film ends with the models leaving Savoy Club, opening up into a mystical garden filled with flora and fauna, white horses and peacocks dancing around the models. As the song sang “what the future holds,” a single, silver heart bag was raised above all. A symbol of hope for the future, to be sure.

Check out "Gucci’s Aria" in full below.

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