Guess Who's Coming to Outside Lands?

Annie Tittiger | April 4, 2013 | Story Music

"Eager Beaver" tickets go on sale today, and while the lineup hasn’t officially been announced, our music editor gives a stab at guessing who's most likely to perform.*

The Lumineers
Why: The Grammy-grabbing folk rockers seem like a fitting headliner.

The XX
Why: Because everyone’s still all googley-eyed over them.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Why: It’s a big name, with a big album release within the last year and a very loyal fan base.

Imagine Dragons
Why: Can you imagine them playing "Radioactive" right as the evening fog is rolling in and the lights coming on? Yup.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Why: The Heist served as the duo’s breakout this year and they’ve been on the road ever since, hitting up every festival along the way. (Full disclosure: I’m more than mildly obsessed with them and hoping Another Planet picks up on my not-very-subtle hint here.)

Toro Y Moi
Why: Because us Bay Areans are obsessed with our adopted chillwave darling, and he loves us right back.

Midi Matilda
Why: Our local pop heroes have been touring around the country all year and while that’s winding down, it only seems fitting that they end it at their local music festival (or pull a Ty Segall, and schedule more tour dates).

Dirty Projectors
Why: Because these forward-thinking indie rockers have had another big year, and everyone loves seeing a six-member band on stage.

Why: Because we need at least one dance set for the Saturday night show.

Why: Two words—Harlem Shake. (And truth be told, we need more than one dance set…)

Why: A big breakout act at last year’s Treasure Island Music Festival and has been on the festival junket since.

Why: Again, this might be a personal plea, but it’s not totally unfeasible! The British rockers had a big break this year and will have just been down south for Coachella and up north for Sasquatch. I see a trend…

Why: Noisepop to SXSW to Coachella to Sasquatch. Outside Lands is just next the natural progression.

*Guesses are not guarantees so please don't hold a personal vendetta against our music editor if your favorite act is listed here, but not in the actually lineup to be announced in the very near future. She has her hopes up too.

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