How 'Bout Them Giants

Scott Lucas | October 22, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Well, that certainly was something. Last night, the Giants cruised to a 7-1 victory against what we think was the Kansas City Royals, but may actually have been a group of local high school all-stars. Most importantly: We won.

Less importantly: We were kind of bored. Now maybe that's just us, but by the time the Giants went up five-zip in the fourth, the people in the bar we were in had stopped paying attention to the game, and we're actually talking to each other. Pleasantly chatting is not approved October behavior.

It's easy to be enthusiastic about the Giants playing in the World Series. But as a game? Not so much. After Hunter Pence walloped a two-run homer in the first off a befuddled-looking James Shields, the Kansas City crowd sure looked out of it. They never came back in. And by the time the Royals' starting pitcher was pulled in the fourth—after that two-run sequence by the Giants—things just kind of drifted: Eight hits, five runs, five RBIs.

Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. We'd rather win the Series quietly than lose it spectacularly. Offense wins games—but defense wins championships. We should probably be grateful when Madison Bumgarner is on the mound that "Hitters [flail] away helplessly at his mix of fastballs, cutters, and the occasional lollipop curve." We get it—but would a little bit of tension really spoil the whole thing?

There's plenty of games to play—and the winner of the first match in the series has tended to lose it all in recent years. So here's hoping that tonight's game, in which Jake Peavy faces off against Yordano Ventura, has a little more oomph.

Not that we're complaining.

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