How To Get Glowing Summer Skin

Alexandra Schwab | August 6, 2020 | Style & Beauty


It’s officially summer, and going outside and enjoying the sun is one of the few things that we can still enjoy. However, did you know that over 90 percent of age-related skin damage is caused by the sun? Even spending just a few minutes a day outside without protection can accumulate in a short period of time, causing wrinkles, brown spots, and an uneven skin tone. So just how do you prevent, and even turn back the clock on, skin damage caused by the sun?

Dr. Kenneth Bermudez, MD offers multiple skincare treatments and sun protection products to give you healthier, more youthful-looking skin and can work with you on a customized treatment plan to prevent and reverse sun damage.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Whether you’re dealing with sunny and bright summer days or a bit of San Francisco fog, protecting your skin—especially your face—is a must. Ultraviolet (UV) rays not only cause aging and sun spots, but they contribute to the loss of skin elasticity, giving us a more aged facial appearance. Of course, the prevention of skin cancer is also a huge factor when it comes to sun protection. Dr. Bermudez offers a range of dermatologist-grade skincare products, including zinc oxide sunscreens designed to decrease the risk of skin cancer and prevent signs of aging caused by the sun.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Lasers

Dr. Bermudez’s Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment is considered one of the least invasive—yet effective—skin treatments for reversing sun damage. How does it work? A controlled beam of laser light is applied to the surface of the skin, vaporizing damaged skin cells in the targeted areas. This treatment works on the topmost layer of your skin, which response to the treatment by producing new and healthy skin cells. The result? Younger, smoother skin in as little as 30 minutes! And the best part is that the results typically last 3-5 years!

Remove Sun Damage with Dermabrasion

Another minimally invasive skin treatment that Dr. Bermudez offers is dermabrasion, which is used to treat scars, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and an uneven skin tone. The procedure uses a handheld brush that carefully scrapes away the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells in the process while promoting new skin cell growth in their place.

Slough off Dead Skin with a Chemical Peel

One of our most popular skin treatments, a chemical peel is used to treat a myriad of skin problems. This is done with a special solution that is applied to the face and then removed carefully—taking old, dead skin cells with it and leaving a layer of younger, smoother skin. Our chemical peels are formulated for your individual skin care needs, and so we offer light- and deep-skin treatments, and everything in between.

Not sure which skin treatment is right for you? Talk to Dr. Bermudez! He will recommend the right treatment or products based on your skin’s needs and your lifestyle. Visit to schedule a consultation.

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