The Importance Of Being Educated On Fertility Health

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Infertility is often a topic discussed behind closed doors, but CCRM Fertility in San Francisco is dedicated to educating both its patients and the greater community on fertility health, while also encouraging more open and honest conversations about infertility. CCRM Fertility specializes in the most advanced fertility treatments, with deep expertise in in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility assessment, fertility preservation, genetic testing, third party reproduction and egg donation.

CCRM Fertility recently surveyed 1,000 San Francisco residents to better understand local attitudes toward fertility treatments, and found that more than a third (38%) said they are currently or have struggled with infertility when trying to conceive, and over half (54%) said they are concerned about their fertility. Nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents have not sought fertility treatment because they are afraid of being diagnosed as infertile, while nearly half (46%) stated that they wish they would have started addressing their personal fertility needs at an earlier age.

This is where the award-winning team in San Francisco, led by fertility specialists Drs. Salli Tazuke and Sunny Jun, comes in. “Infertility is a condition often suffered silently. Given that the millennials average age of attempting to start a family is in their mid 30s, a rise in longer duration to achieve fertility is actually quite common,” Dr. Tazuke explains. “The Bay Area, in particular, has other issues like the high levels of stress in women and couples pursuing both career and family building, and financial pressures that cause couples to naturally wait until they feel secure to attempt family building.”


According to CCRM Fertility, a vast majority of San Francisco locals (75%) believe people should talk more openly about fertility. “My advice for younger women is to run, don’t walk, to get your eggs retrieved. It’s also so important to find your tribe. Anyone going through fertility treatment needs a strong support system. It’s so easy to feel isolated and alone,” says CCRM Fertility San Francisco patient Hailey Manning.

CCRM Fertility San Francisco patient Jessica Thornton and her husband sought out a fertility specialist in February 2020 after experiencing difficulties conceiving naturally. “A lot of people don’t talk about infertility, which perpetuates feelings of isolation for those experiencing it and makes the topic seem taboo. But my husband and I want to be open about our experience; we want the important people in our lives to know about our experience and we’re planning to be open with our kids about it as well,’ said Thornton. “There is nothing shameful about infertility and fertility treatments, and there is no bad or wrong way to become a parent.”


Both Dr. Tazuke and Jessica agree that opening up to loved ones about one’s fertility journey and establishing a support system is imperative. “Finding the right support can be tremendous for those embarking on a fertility journey, but support is not always readily available,” states Dr. Tazuke. “If patients have friends or family who have gone through infertility, it is helpful. But with the advent of social media, there are readily available support groups that can be invaluable.”

Thornton adds, “Fertility treatment is a lot to go through, and no one should have to do it alone. Find support because you will need help - both physically and emotionally. Having somebody that will be there to listen and support you is key.”

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