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James Franco Is Having a One Night Stand with San Francisco

Scott Lucas and Adam L. Brinklow | December 4, 2014 | Story Galleries and Performance

Palo Alto, the film directed by Gia Coppola and starring actor James Franco, based on his book of the same name, is having a special one-day only screening at the Roxie on December 21st, including a Q and A with Coppola and Franco. Should you go see it? Of course you should. But to convince you more, we recently spoke with San Francisco's Senior James Franco Correspondent Adam L. Brinklow. Here's what he had to say.

San Francisco: Palo Alto is the story of suburban high school students drifting all existentially-like. So, it's just Freaks and Geeks without the jokes?
Adam L. Brinklow: You mean this wasn't a Freaks and Geeks sequel? I assumed Daniel Desario just grew up to be a creepy soccer coach.

Should people go see the film? Who's the target audience here?
You should definitely see it if you are James Franco. This is the best project yet for appealing to the James Franco demographic. Which is hot right now: Franco accounted for four percent of all ticket sales to his own movies in the last three years. In seriousness, I bet that older Hollywood coming-of-age movies don't do it for kids today. American Graffiti probably looks like Happy Days. So young people who feel contempt for their grandparent's dated existential crises (seriously, cars, that's what kids were stressed about in George Lucas' hometown?) might find something to relate to here.

Actor, writer, graduate student, performance artist, Spring Breaker: What career should James Franco wander into next?
My top picks: beekeeper, motorcycle stuntman, consulting detective, illegal bar basement mixed martial artist. I've also always wanted to see him try his hand at acting.

You've interviewed James Franco before. What should people ask him at the screening?
First, whether I can interview him again. Seriously, James, call me. Ignore the stuff I said above...and am about to say. Also: Is Oscar stoned the greatest stoned you can be, or is there a more impressive high to aspire for? State of the Union stoned? How does it feel to be one of the select people Sean Penn has kissed without later punching? Can any substance you may have dispensed to Sam Raimi explain what the hell happened with Oz? Do you ever wear the grill from Spring Breakers in public just to see what people would say? For real, get him talking about The Adderall Diaries and then how he's studying to play Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist. I mean, how do you go Method on that? Sustain a head injury?

If we remember correctly, you once wrote "James Franco is a glistening, coruscating fractal. No matter how far into his talent one delves, more riches await. He is, truly, the artist in full." [Citation needed]. Do you stand by that judgment?
Well, it's likely I was drunk when I wrote that. And I'm drunk again right now. So yes. Yes, I do.

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