London Breed Wants to Harsh Your 4/20 Mellow

Scott Lucas | April 16, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Supervisor London Breed is not down with 4/20. She's not down at all.

And she sort of has a point. Remember last year? (Hah, dumb question.) Well, to refresh your short-term memory, on April 20th 2013, more than 10,000 herbal enthusiasts descended upon the Haight—leaving 10,000 pounds of trash behind on Hippie Hill.

This year, Breed is going to play hall monitor. Flanked by members of SFPD, including Chief of Police Greg Suhr, she released a statement this afternoon that sounded the alarm. "This Sunday April 20th will see not only Easter celebrations throughout the City, but the likely return of an informal and unpermitted '4/20' gathering in Golden Gate Park and the Haight, which has caused significant problems in the community over the years and was particularly problematic last year."

That's not to say that the city doesn't want you to celebrate. As Suhr said, "I don’t think [the SFPD is] naive enough to believe that we can stop people from smoking."

But they can stop people from committing other nuisances, which means an increased SFPD presence, Parking Control Officers writing tickets in force, and MUNI buses rerouted off Haight between Stanyan and Masonic.

"If our neighborhoods and parks are expected to continue hosting a large gathering, without an organizer," Breed said, "we must all be vigilant in ensuring the event is safe, clean, and responsible."

You hear that, y'all? London Breed wants you to form a Weed Union. If you need to find us this weekend, we'll be the ones passing out the sign-up forms on Hippie Hill.

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