Love Thy Neighbor(hood): Temescal vs. Palo Alto

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The Singles:
Twentysomethings on bikes; thirtysomethings who like the low-key vibe (it’s not Valencia…yet); fortysomethings who moved in before it was cool (or relatively safe).

Where to Find ‘em:
Having drinks at Kingfish; standing in line for fried-chicken sandwiches at Bakesale Betty’s; taking art classes at Studio One; ogling the root vegetables and sipping Blue Bottle at the Sunday morning farmers’ market.

Typical First Date:
Brunch at Mama’s Royal Café or the Mixing Bowl, scoops at Scream Sorbet.

More Than Just a Hookup:
Doing laps together at the salinated Temescal pool; sitting down at Pizzaiolo or Doña Tomas.

Isn’t It Cheap/Romantic:
An easy early-morning bike ride and picnic at Lake Temescal; then a leisurely afternoon of browsing/showing off your musical chops at 1234 Gorecords.

(S)he’s Just Not That Into You:
Coffee at Golden Gate Donuts, then a mumbled excuse about not wanting to miss your Bart train.

How Far For Love?
Bike or Bart to Berkeley or the Mission (but only on weekends or noncommute hours); Rockridge is nearby but filled with families (possibly including Mom and Dad).


The Singles:
Late 20s to mid-30s startup engineers and gamer types with lots of disposable income (yearly salary averages $121K for men, $83K for women).

Where to Find ‘em:
Yoga and exercise classes at the Decathlon Club; Old Pro; Nola’s; the Office in redwood City (if you’re looking for a guy).

Typical First Date:
Coffee at Coupa Café in Palo Alto, Cascal on Castro street in Mountain View, or Bonsai in Menlo park.

More Than Just a Hookup:
Drinks and dinner at Joya.

Isn’t It Cheap/Romantic:
Cantor Art museum and the sculpture garden; hiking at the Dish.

(S)he’s Just Not That Into You:
(S)he stops texting just long enough to yawn.

How Far For Love?
Everyone has a car, so Fremont or even Oakland is totally doable for the right person.


Both these groups should be used to commuting by now, so the city is actually the most neutral territory.

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