Meet Franky Aguilar: The Jack of All Trades Artist

Thomas Herd | June 1, 2020 | People


Can you tell us a bit about your early years?

I was born in Southern California and ever since childhood, I was surrounded by creativity. My grandmother encouraged my art by giving me pencils and paper instead of toys and video games. While I was in school, I would doodle and scribble on everything. I was specifically drawn to Disney’s character design and their background creation.

During my teen years, I became interested in graffiti art and one of my more memorable projects was painted the back of my mom’s fence, much to her dismay. After High School I saved up while working my first job and purchased a computer and photoshop. I ended up playing with graphic design without really knowing what graphic design even was. I was already creating logos, websites, and character designs by the time that I realized I could make actual money designing.

What about educational background?

A design agency turned me down, not due to lack of talent, but because I did not have a formal degree. After this, I decided to move up north to attend the Art Institute of San Francisco and earn degrees in Web Design and Interactive MultiMedia.

While in school, I worked at the Apple Store until it hit me. I had moved to design and that was all I was going to do. I took my short portfolio to a Craigslist interview and landed my first industry job working with Adobe Flash production for a game studio. Since then, I have only worked jobs in art, entertainment, and creative technology fields.

Do you have any break through moments that stand out?

I began creating art related apps in Silicon Valley after that Adobe job. Some of the apps started to take off and then Steve Aoki commissioned an app at a 50/50 revenue share. That opportunity snowballed into multiple jobs with other extremely popular DJs and rappers.

Fine art did take a back seat to these endeavors for a time but I am now trying to focus on it. I have since opened an Art Gallery in Las Vegas.

What does Jack of All Trades mean to you?

It means that I have an extremely diverse background and the ability to take on new challenges. I have experience working with fine art, digital art, print, apps, games, design, finances (fintech), video, marketing and growth hacking.

My varied resume highlights a unique set of skills that allow me to adapt to almost any format or medium necessary. I have the ability to work with varying tools to express my creativity while also understanding how social media and software melds with artistic expression.

How is your art adapting during the COVID era?

I recently partnered with TikTok to support their COVID Creative Learning Fund which brings educational content to those currently without schooling. I already had viral videos on the platform, no not dancing videos, but educational art tutorials, so the partnership is well matched.

I am also continuing to build my art and my brand while utilizing technology, something absolutely imperative during this time. Luckily, I have the experience and expertise to jump on and adapt to this new challenge and push myself to the next level.

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