Men in Manolos: Sex and the City Goes Drag

Katy Quigg | August 7, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Just when you thought you said goodbye to your favorite cosmo drinkers, Carrie Bradshaw and pals are back in full force donning their favorite pair of Manolos…in drag. Velvet Rage Productions is bringing the Sex and the City gang out of mothballs in a raunchy drag show at Rebel on Market Street. Each production reenacts two episodes from the show, with a batch of new episodes starting August 14th. We caught up Samantha’s drag alter ego, D’Arcy Drollinger, to chat about the show.

Samantha already has a lot in common with a drag queen: Her mannerisms, her speech patterns, her libido. So how do you out-glam Kim Cattrall?
Samantha is the perfect character for a drag queen. All I do is turn everything up to 200%.

What do you love most about playing her?
She is so outrageous and sexually free. And someone who often says the things the rest of us only just think. The problem is that my friends are now saying I'm becoming too much like Samantha in real life.

Will you be drinking cosmos on stage?
We always find a spot in the show to have a cosmo.

Do you think Carrie should have ended up with Big in the end?
I think that Big wasn't always the best for Carrie, and it made me crazy when she broke up with Aidan the second time. But ultimately she was destined to be with Big.

What are your thoughts on the movies?
Loved the first movie! I would like to do it on stage. Maybe in the new year.

What current television show would make a good drag show?
Girls would be fun. Or Keeping up with the Kardashians. We have done others—Designing Women, Roseanne—but there's nothing quite like Sex and the City.

Which episode is your favorite?
We do two episodes a night with an intermission. Sometimes we do the episode in its entirety. Other times we mix and match story lines, a "greatest hits" or "best of", so to speak. "Was It Good For You" is really fun! And I can't wait to do "The Real Me" next, when Carrie trips on the runway.

Sex and the City: Live! runs every Wednesday at Rebel (1760 Market St. at Octavia). Find out more here.

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