Nice legs

By Jan Newberry, Photograph by Maren Caruso | April 23, 2010 | Story

Now that pork has played itself out (tell me we're done with bacon ice cream), the other white meat is moving into the spotlight. Credit Soul Food Farm's Alexis and Eric Koefoed, whose pasture-raised chickens are inspiring cooks to pay new attention to the birds. Recently, in addition to their prized fowl and much sought after eggs, the Koefoeds added confit to their list of products. Inspired by traditional duck confit, the cooks at Soul Food Farm season chicken legs with only salt and pepper, then warm them slowly in duck fat until the meat is tender and infused with rich, fatty flavor. The legs, sold two to a package, are fully cooked and ready to eat. Just warm them in the oven until the skin is crisp and the meat is heated through to the bone. Serve them Gascon-style on a bed of braised lentils, or shred the meat and make confit tacos. Just spare us the chicken ice cream. Available at Prather Ranch Meat Company, Ferry Building MarketĀ­place (Embarcadero at Market St.), S.F., 415-391-0420; various farmers' markets; and


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