Q&A with Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder, Globalization Partners

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Empowering Companies to Hire Global Remote Teams Quickly and Easily
Nicole Sahin, CEO of Globalization Partners Explains How

Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners has an extraordinary mission: eliminate barriers to doing business internationally and build global remote teams. Sahin is recognized for having created an innovative Global Employer of Record solution that enables companies to hire great talent anywhere in the world in just a few days. Below, Sahin discusses her business and how it offers breakthrough services for clients worldwide.

Tell us a little more about the Globalization Partners solution. Globalization Partners simplifies international expansion by enabling companies to engage global remote teams anywhere in the world quickly and easily. Companies find the talent, and we put that team member on our fully compliant, in-country payroll. Our technology solution intersects with our built-in-house, fully compliant global legal infrastructure, and is supported by our world-class HR team members around the globe.

How does the process work for customers? When a company wants to hire an employee in a given country, normally they must set up their own subsidiary or branch office and bank accounts. Trying to achieve this in the traditional sense is hard. It requires businesses to understand a country’s local labor laws, register the company and formally start doing business in said country before they can even hire one employee. That process is intimidating and time consuming.
Alternatively, Globalization Partners becomes the Employer of Record, meaning you identify the talent you’d like to hire, but we handle all of the legal, HR and payroll compliance. We have a completely streamlined AI-powered platform that makes hiring and onboarding easy from any device. We also have the local knowledge to answer your specific questions, and our teams have on-the-ground presence in-country that is invaluable.
Are there any recent success stories? A good example is OneStream Software. They found it was ever easier to effortlessly deliver for their team on a global scale by working with Globalization Partners. Martha Angle, Vice President of Global Human Resources at OneStream Software said, “I don’t have the fear of going into a new country. I have confidence. I can say ‘I won’t know the answers, but I know the experts who will’—it really does impact our business.”
Above all else, Ms. Angle can deliver actionable insights to internal leadership based on the value she gets from her supporting team at Globalization Partners.
Can you talk about demand and how you are disrupting the industry? Globalization Partners was just named industry leader by analyst firm NelsonHall and is the only Global EOR with a completely streamlined technology platform as well as a built in-house global legal infrastructure, which ensures the quality and compliance it provides to customers. The combination is absolutely critical given that an Employer of Record manages the intellectual property generated by employees and other complex cross-border matters for its customers.
Organizations of all sizes are more commonly expanding operations to new international locations and require modern solutions that can enable and support growth in targeted geographies. Despite the recent global economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing increasing demand for our solution since companies are continuing to look to new markets to open up greater opportunities.

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