Now Protestors Are Stalking a Single Google Engineer

Scott Lucas | January 22, 2014 | Story Politics

Though anti-gentrification activists may have lost the vote at yesterday's MTA meeting, they still hadn't lost the moral high ground. Until, perhaps, now.

According to Berkeleyside, "At around 7:00 a.m. [yesterday], a group of activists say they went to the street where Google employee Anthony Levandowski lives in Berkeley to stage a demonstration outside his home. According to the activists, they rang Levandowski’s doorbell, then stood outside the house for about 45 minutes holding a banner that read “Google’s Future Stops Here.” They then watched Levandowski leave his home." In an anonymous submission from a group calling itself "counterforce," the protestors laid out their grievances and explained their methods. Some of which are, well, pret-ty creepy.


The activists implicitly threaten the engineer's infant: "Preparing for the action, we watched Levandowski step out of his front door. He had Google Glasses over his eyes, carried his baby in his arm, and held a tablet with his free hand. As he descended the stairs with the baby, his eyes were on the tablet through the prism of his Google Glasses, not on the life against his chest. He appeared in this moment like the robot he admits that he is."

The flier contains a Google Street view image of Levandowski's home, with his address clearly shown: We're not talking about a public figure here, mind you. It's a mid-level executive of a giant corporation.

The activists equate Google with authoritarian regimes: "People like [the targeted engineer] are gentrifying neighborhoods, flooding the market with noxious commodities, and creating the infrastructure for an unimaginable totalitarianism. This is the evil that we stake our lives against."

They include a call for criminal action: "Steal from the techies you babysit for," it encourages, as well as calling on "felons" to "revolt."

They seem more upset about a random building in Berkeley than anything else: "He has hired the Nautilus Group to construct a proposed 77-unit apartment building called Garden Village complete with rooftop gardens, 24-hour surveillance, private security, and a fleet of electric vehicles parked in an underground garage. The residents will have the luxury of renting these cars whenever they want to cruise out to the beach for a dip."

Did you get that? A fleet of electric vehicles! A dip at the beach! This guy IS evil.

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