Our five favorite scenes of San Francisco in the Five-Year Engagement

Alyssa Jaffer | May 1, 2012 | Lifestyle Story Culture

1. The less-famous bridge. This new comedy gives the Bay Bridge its fair share of the spotlight: Segel plays the leading man, Tom, a hopeless romantic who proposes to Violet, played by Blunt, on the candlelit rooftop of a fictional restaurant, with the Bay Bridge shimmering in the background.

2. The shoutout to academia. Though they don’t actually show the campus, when Violet applies as a postdoc to UC Berkeley, the film stays true to the Bay Area’s competitive reputation.

3. Scenic shots of Coit Tower, Chinatown, the financial district, and the bay. Somehow we never tire of seeing classic shots of our city. Plus, we love to see it on a rare sunny day—even if it is only on the big screen.

4. San Francisco’s food scene is given its due credit. At one point in the film Tom, formerly the sous-chef at a swanky S.F. restaurant, owns a taco truck called Taco-Mergency—so we know the film’s writers did their research on the Mission’s favorite cuisine. Tom fashioned the truck out of a paramedic ambulance with a comic “9-1-YUM” sticker on the windshield.

5. Alamo Square. The final scene takes place in Alamo Square Park—a great icon for the big crescendo. The characteristic three-story houses with bay windows always make us nostalgic for the Full House days.

The Five-Year Engagement is playing in theaters now.

Alyssa Jaffer is an editorial intern at San Francisco magazine. Email her at ajaffer@modernluxury.com.


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