Lisa Trottier | October 21, 2011 | Story Restaurants

This vast room, manned by hosts who will outdress you even if you dress up, may be as glamorous as Oakland gets. Wooden shutters and sleek wicker chairs
set the mood for what’s cooking: Southern food of the swanky variety. Which isn’t to say it’s precious—some of the entrées, like a double-thick pork chop, irresistibly crusted in a sweet and spicy glaze, are bust-your-belly big. The flavors are big, too. Limey catfish ceviche, crunchy with celery, is eaten off barbecue potato chips. A pretty panzanella of tomato, avocado, and peach is topped with...bacon, of course. And the fried chicken, crisp and drippingly juicy, comes with a wee skillet with mac and cheese rich enough to be a meal on its own. The delicious cocktails are heavy on the brown stuff. Bourbon lovers, rejoice.

2295 Broadway (at 23rd St.)
$$$ RVW ★★½

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