Pop Quiz: Are These Quotes From the New Republic's Firing Memo or From Facebook's Latest App Rollout?

Scott Lucas | December 4, 2014 | Story Tech World

Today was a day of great change across the digital/media landscape. The august New Republic magazine announced the departure of two of its longstanding editors, Franklin Foer and Leon Wieseltier, after a struggle between them and their very young, very rich boss Chris Hughes. By coincidence, it was also the same day that Hughes's old company, Facebook, announced the rollout of a new version of its app Slingshot, which competes with Snapchat.

The following are a series of quotes. Can you tell which one came from the internal TNR memo announcing the firings and which is from Facebook's announcement of the new version of its product? The answers are below.

1. “We are re-imaging [the product] as a vertically integrated digital media company.”

2. “We originally set out to create a place where you could share real, raw moments.”

3. “We understand that improving a product isn’t only about what you add, but about what you remove, so we made a simpler, cleaner, more fun [product].”

4. “Fulfilling that mission in today’s media landscape requires new forms.”

5. “He truly reflects the ‘straddle generation.’”

6. “Share life as it happens.”

7. “[The product is] the fastest way to share rich, raw moments.”

8. “[He] understands what it takes to create content that will travel across all platforms.”

9. “This will require a recalibration of our resources.”

10. “We’ve made a number of improvements around the [product] to make it faster, more reliable and more delightful.”

11. “We can only do this together.”

12. “Follow awesome creators around the world.”

13. “You can always choose to manually approve each follower request if that’s your jam.”

14. “These are exciting times for our company which will demand change.”

The answers: TNR Memo: 1,4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 14. Slingshot rollout: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13

The takeaway? You can take the baloney-spewing boy out of Facebook, but you can't take the Facebook out of the baloney-spewing boy.

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