“Rainbow Girls” Are San Francisco's Very Own Bling Ring

Scott Lucas | December 8, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Get HBO on the line, stat. We’ve got a TV show to pitch them. Like Looking, it takes place right here in San Francisco and like Silicon Valley, it involves large sums of money.

According to the Chronicle, a group that the police are calling the “Rainbow Girls” after their bright attire and dyed hair, are stealing thousands of dollars of high-end luxury goods from stores in Union Square—and getting away with it. Their M.O. is awfully devious—they grab the goods and then run for the exits. Masterminds, really.

The thefts, which police say are the work of three separate groups, have hit retailers like Neiman Marcus, Armani, and Gucci. The culprits have made off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jackets, scarves, shoes, and other items beloved by Nicki Minaj. Six women linked to the groups have been prosecuted over the last few years, though sentences have been minimal—as in, two weeks jail time.

In an even more surprising theft, a group of men recently made off with $265,000 of designer handbags from the Chanel Boutique on Maiden Lane by crashing a truck into the store at 3 a.m., hopping out, grabbing the bags, and driving off. Police have a few leads: the bumper and license plate fell off at a nearby corner and the truck, or at least its burned-out shell, was recovered in the Bayview. Police suspect that the goods are being fenced online after being stolen.

You know what? It’s not a TV show. It’s a movie. Somebody get us Sofia Coppola. We bet she’d love this kind of story.

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