Sandwich separation anxiety cured?

Joanne Furio | October 21, 2011 | Style & Beauty Story Style

In his pre-Seinfeld days, Jason Alexander sang and danced in a McDonald’s commercial about keeping the hot beef away from the cold veggies—and now, 27 years later, Will Archie has tackled another component of the sandwich problem: soggy bread. The former Oracle and techie turned entrepreneur had one of those head-scratchingly obvious ideas: Don’t make the sandwich until you’re ready to eat it, and keep the wet stuff chilled and away from the dry stuff in the meantime. Perfect Sandwich, sold by Archie’s new San Mateo startup, Contain This!, is a stylish two-tier container made from a new material, Tritan, that’s free of BPA, phthalates, and lead. One question, though: What about the mustard and the mayo? Archie claims his research has shown that most of the sogginess comes from the meat, cheese, and veggies rather than the condiments. Even if he’s wrong, Perfect Sandwich still beats the brown bag.


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