Sextbook Roils Fremont Parents

Scott Lucas | August 6, 2014 | Story

A group of parents is up in arms over a new textbook used in sexual education classes in Fremont. More than 600 have signed a petition calling for the school district to withdraw its use of "Your Health Today" in ninth grade health classes.

One of the leaders of the parental protest, Asfia Ahmed told the Chronicle that the textbook was not the right choice. "I feel that it's not age appropriate for these kids." The Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal group that has defended creationists, union dues objectors, and opponents of the Common Core curriculum, may weigh a legal action, pending a formal appeal within the district.

What's so objectionable about the book that was chosen by Fremont's health teachers and adopted by a 3-2 vote at the school board in June? The 392-page book contains information on condoms, masturbation, dating websites, sexual positions, kinks, gay marriage, and even e-cigarettes. (Also, based on the cover photo, it also promotes rooftop tomato gardens, which in many buildings would be considered a violation of your lease.)

In what we're nominating for the best moment in public comments ever, one district employee defended the use of the textbook in June by saying, "If you think sex isn't happening with your freshmen, you need to take your blinders off. It's happening in the corners, in the bathrooms, in the cars, in the parks and even on the 50-yard line in front of everyone."

But good news: All we have to do is make those ninth graders read a 392-page book to fix it.

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