Six Summer Reads From Local Authors

Kate Conger | June 20, 2012 | Lifestyle Story Culture

While each of these authors have their own book in the works, here are some recommendations from them to keep you satisfied beachside if you…

…Can’t wait for Charlie Haass new novel, he suggests you read:

God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse by Slavoj Zizek and Boris Gunjevic. A hefty examination of religion and faith in our century, this tome takes down everything from atheism to cultural mores to economics.

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. If you got misty-eyed during Matt Cain’s perfect game last week, this novel will help you delve even deeper into the feelings of pride and euphoria baseball stirs up.

…Just put down No Cheating, No Dying and still want more? Author Elizabeth Weilsuggests:

Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams. Educate yourself on the most hallowed of beach bod components, from its lurid life in the plastic surgeon’s office to its heart-rending battle against cancer.

The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits. The latest novel from the founding editor of The Believer explores a fascinating world where distraught individuals can chose to disappear from their current lives.

…Are awaiting Justin Hall’s No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics with bated breath? Here are his suggestions to tide you over until the July release:

Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel. Bechdel continues her examination of her family members that began with her father in 2006’s award-winning Fun Home, this time focusing on her mother.

Fearful Hunter by Jon Macy. Known for his painstakingly intricate adaptation of Teleny (the erotic novel oft-attributed to Oscar Wilde), Macy’s latest is the third in his erotic fantasy series, Fearful Hunter. This graphic novel is an allegorical examination of gay marriage, illustrated through a relationship between a werewolf and a druid.


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