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The guy in the back is not rolling a joint. His stash is a decoy. These burners are about to get narc-ed!

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Photo: dallasrowdyaustin

Classic cute-girl narc. What that come hither look is really saying is "Come hither, I'm about to arrest you for narcotics."

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Photo: djkmarie

This guy just teleported in from Planet Narc. He does not come in peace.

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Photo: michaelj711

Like "tribal" cultural appropriation, narcs are known for appropriating the trappings of real burners. Don't get burned by these double-appropriating narcs!

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Photo: alejandraisazanyc


These poor souls don't know they're actually hanging out with a narc—that's right, the guy on the left is calling in a drone strike at this very moment.

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Photo: sigridannedesign

That headscarf? It's masking the wire this narc is totally wearing. Narcdar is blowing up!

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Photo: nickmon81

A narc-oleptic.

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Photo: dannelle12

The girl up front is no narc, but look out for the informant wearing the orange hoodie in the back. Orange is the new narc.

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Photo: hannahthiem

That dogtag? It's reversible, and there's a badge on the other side.

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Photo: ayeokay

This guy's beard and goggles scream highway patrol. Don't let him pull you over for living life in the Burning Man fast lane.

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Photo: hajimoto

The oldest narc trick in the book: pretend you're just dressing up like a cop when you're really actually a cop! We're on to you, Reno 911!

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Photo: Team at Studios

Spot the Burning Man Narc

Caleb Pershan | August 30, 2013 | Story Travel

Burning Man, we all know, is for the pure of heart. But, if the rumors streaming out of Black Rock City this year are true, it's also for a platoon of plainclothes—or even funkyclothes—federal agents, who are allegedly infiltrating the experimental living carnival and busting people for drug possession and other horrible atrocities. Not even our tech titans will be safe. But how does one I.D. a Burning Man narc? To hone your spotting skills, we've culled Burning Man 2013 photos from Instagram. We can't confirm that any of these folks are truly narcs, but we're entitled to our suspicions. It's up to you to judge the true Burners from the Fuzz.

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