Tackle Your Timeshare!

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"I said NO several times! I was going to walk out, but they kept luring me back in promising a Picture Perfect Dream Getaway”

Were you sold a dream so perfect that it sounded too good to be true and realized sometime later that what you purchased was in fact a nightmare? Were you enticed to buy your timeshare because it was…

'Exclusive ownership, a premiere package, a deal of a lifetime, long-term investment, real estate, anywhere at any time...'

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone!


Millions of people have tried to exit their timeshare on their own without success. They have since either given up hope or believe there is no way out of that mess.

Are you one of them? We want to help you!

Timeshare Compliance strives to provide resolution to your timeshare frustration, by utilizing our years of experience successfully helping thousands of others like you.

Our Team specialist will work with you to gather information about your timeshare and evaluate your specific situation. We believe you may have been misrepresented or subjected to high pressure sales, or both!

Don’t Take our word for it!


An educated consumer is the best consumer. Look us up, read about us, and see what our clients have to say about us. Our reputation proceeds us.

“I was searching for a way out of my timeshare contract when I discovered Timeshare Compliance.” - Anthony Becht (former NFL)

“The company was very easy and great to work with. You can always call and get answers anytime. The associates were pleasant and helpful. I am grateful to Timeshare Compliance for helping us get out of the Condo dues and timeshare. A great company to work with. I give them 10 Stars” – Cora C.

“This company got us out of our timeshare that had been an extreme burden. We are thankful and relieved!” – Cindy E.

Visit us at timesharecompliance.com or call us at 408.816.1266.


Photography by: Timeshare Compliance